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Wasu will take care of you! I've been coming to him for over 2 years now. His prices are reasonable and he'll work with you if you need time to pay or pick up your vehicle. Excellent service! Highly recommend! — Bill W.

Wasu is the man! Nice guy that's more than happy to help you on what ever you need with a competitive price. I had work done on my g35, gasket, oil change, etc. I'd recommend anyone with an Infiniti or Nissan to go to him. All other cars are welcomed too!  — Jimmy C.


Even though they usually work Nissans and Infiniti's, I took my Honda there for an oil change awhile back and Wasu (Beck's nephew who took over) took care of it for me! I also asked them to clean my air filters and Wasu hooked it up (: 


The shop is clean and doesn't smell like death. The staff was proper and friendly. They got the job done in a timely manner. It's also very easy to schedule an appointment which works for me since I don't like to waste my time.


Second time I took my car there is because it starts overheating every time I turn on the AC and even though they didn't have the parts there, they were able to order it in and schedule me for another day to install it. Now my car is running smooth as silk!  — Sarah J.



Can I give more than 5 stars on this thing? After the warranty on my Infiniti G35 ran out, I fretted while finding where to take my car in for service. I came across this gem after scouring Yelp. Wasu, the owner, is amazing; he is helpful, patient, honest, and truly passionate about his job. You know those car shops that are in it for the money and will play games to get more from your wallet? Nope, not this one. I usually come here for routine maintenance and oil/filter change, and Wasu will not upsell you and will lay out the options for the repairs. I always feel bad having him squeeze me in for a last appointment on Saturday morning with my hectic schedule, but he is super nice about it and finishes the work on my car quickly when I find myself without a ride and have to wait in the shop. I almost want to drive an Infiniti forever so I know I will have a reliable auto shop that I can trust for my car!  — Alexander S.

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